True Craftsmanship

Centuries of Craftsmanship. Made in Italy.

Tucked in the shadow of the snow-capped Italian Alps, Lake Como gleams like a lustrous gem, its sapphire blue waters set against a dramatic backdrop of steep wood-studded hills, opulent villas and lush gardens cascading with flowers in a palette of hues and medley of intoxicating scents. Once the playground of ancient Romans, this enchanting corner of Italy dotted with medieval stone villages has allured visitors for centuries. On its shores noble families built regal mansions and summoned master craftsmen to adorn their stately rooms. Bespoke furniture of unparalleled quality and design became hallmarks of prestige at the resplendent lakeside villas, as well as the most aristocratic addresses in the heart of Milan and the palatial accommodations of the Villa Reale in Monza.

As demand for skilled artisans grew the trade flourished, giving birth to new craftsmen specialized in wood-carving, embellishment, lacquering and gilding, and revolutionizing the art of furniture-making with an array of locally sourced materials including marble, iron, glass, silk and other textiles. More than two hundred years later, the most exclusive furnishings labeled Made in Italy still hail from the Lake Como region and neighboring Brianza. Created by the finest furniture-maker to come out of Europe in decades, each one-of-a-kind Alessandro Vinci piece is synonymous with elegance, heritage and prestige, and will make a stunning addition to any home.